15 Pcs Home Safety Starter Pack




Plug Socket Covers make child proof sockets in seconds. Whilst difficult for young children to remove adults can remove them with just a squeeze.

Corner Cushions that helps prevent injuries from sharp edges. They are easy to install and blend in to any decor. Use on tables, counter tops, desks, and other corners throughout your home.

Multi-purpose Latch will help prevent children from opening cupboards, cabinets, refrigerators and etc.Can also be used on drawers. Suitable for corners and curved surfaces

Door Stopper helps prevent painful finger injuries. It also helps prevent children from accidentally locking themselves in a room. Ideal for use at home or while travelling.

Set Includes
6x plug socket covers
4x cornet cushions cupboard/drawer
3x multi-purpose latch
2x door stopper

15 Pcs Home Safety Starter Pack
Protect your loved ones from danger