2-Pocket Stackable Vertical Wall Flower Pot (Self Watering)




Material: PP
Design: 2-Pocket
Color: White, Yellow, Green, Rose
Inner Pocket Size: (L)X(W)14.3X10cm/5.63”X3.94”(appr.)
Size: (L)X(W)X(H)26.5X16.5X16.7cm/10.43”X6.50”X6.57”(appr.)

Made of PP resin material, not brittle, high and low temperature resistance.
Stackable design, can be stacked on wall.
Holes on the inner pots keep plants breath well.
Removable inner pot, convenient to change plants.
Simple imitation porcelain design, sturdy and durable.

Package included:
1 x 2-Pocket Vertical Wall Planter (not included plant)

Self-watering flower pots have a pot that holds the plant and soil, and an outer pot or bottom reservoir that holds extra water. A wick joins the two and pulls water up into the root ball as it’s needed. Most reservoirs are large enough to supply water for several days or more depending on the weather.