Clean Cham Synthetic Chamois Magic Towel (Large)


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Clean Cham Chamois is used by the most demanding car enthusiasts and detailers to maintain a dazzling, spotless finish on any vehicle. It is also ideal for cleaning mirrors, glass, lenses, and can be used dry for dusting fine furniture, television screens and shining jewelry, silver and golf clubs. Clean Cham chamois is super absorbent, scratch free and the best way to dry, polish and protect your car. Its natural qualities for attracting water, dirt, and dust particles are unsurpassed.

Size: 66 X 43 X 0.2 Cm

Clean Cham Synthetic Chamois Cleaning Towel:

– Super absorbent

– Dries streak-free and spotless

– Use to dry, polish and dust

– Perfect for use on large and small surface areas

– Pressed design PVA chamois – Does not fluff after long use

– Excellent pliability and super absorbent; can be used on cars, bath room & Kitchen – Removes dust and soft fabric without scratching the surface

– Soak in water before use, wipe after wringing out the water