Coffee Machine Espresso 2g (double Head) – WellSeek


-Power: 3600 watts
-Steam: 2
-Water Tap: 1
-Espresso Tap: 2
-Tank Size: 13 litre

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Coffee Machine Espresso 2G (Double Head) – WellSeek

-Automatic water inflow
-Dual pressure gauge
-Automatic water-level sensor
-Finest stainless steel boiler, easy maintenance and cleaning
-Automatic set water capacity
-Strong double-steam system
-Built-in motor pump and high press pump.
-The pressure of water and steam is controlled by automatic decompress valves.
-Standard clearance is 130mm.
-Thermo syphon circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee making with temperature control on each group.
-More secure automatic Cut-Out if the system fails and all indicators flash
-Ideal for making espresso coffee
-Semi-automatic personalized operation, you can regulate optionally coffee concentration and water according to your tastes.
-Cup warmer function

-Power: 3600 watts
-Steam: 2
-Water Tap: 1
-Espresso Tap: 2
-Tank Size: 12.8 litre
-Weight: 53kg
Dimension : 72.5 cm x 54 cm x 60 cm

Brand: WellSeek


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