Dustpan & Brush Set



Broom and dustpan each have 20-inch poles
Dustpan is 10 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 2 inches tall
Broom head is 7 inches wide by 2 inches tall
Poles have plastic handle grips
Dustpan and broom snap together for easy storage

Material: Plastic
Dismantle easily

This long handle dustpan brush set is made a quality home essential. Ideal for cleaning tasks. The dustpan features a rubber edge for ease of use. The brush can reach awkward spaces.
The physically demanding part of sweeping is the bending down and trying to push stuff into the pan with the broom. Do as the pros do and use this long handled dustpan. Save your back and your energy for something more worthwhile.

Your aching back will love you for using this dustpan and broom set. Each component has a 20-inch-tall pole, eliminating the need to stoop over while sweeping up the last of the dust. The well-designed dustpan is slightly angled to make sweeping dirt into it much easier, and its lip is made of high-quality rubber that helps hold the pan in place. The set snaps together and takes up very little space in a broom closet. –Julija Gelazis

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