Pest Repelling Aid




The revolutionary Riddex Pest Repeller turns the wiring in the walls into an invisible pest repelling force.Mosquitoes, roaches, rats and even the cutest mice is not exactly the idea of a house pet.
Riddex Pest Repellers patented microprocessor uses electromagnetic technology to creates an uncomfortable, irritating environment for pest that helps drive those pesky pests right out of your house. Pests are not killed they just leave.
Riddex Pest Repeller helps control unwanted pests safely, quickly and effectively. Just plug it in and it starts to work.
One unit is effective for 1 floor of an average size home. Features a built-in nightlight, LED indicator lights and is UL listed.
No irritating pesticides or fume. Safe for children, cats and dogs.
Built in night light and LED indicator lights
Non-toxic chemical or poison
Patented repelling technology
Designed to work through electrical wiring
Drive rodents & roaches out of your home
Protects your entire home
Saves you money on pest control