Square Springform Bake Cake Pan 22 cm




Product Description
Size: 20 cm, 22 cm, 24 cm
Features Springform Heart shaped Nonstick Product Details
Material: Carbon Steel Non
Toxic: Yes Rust
Resistant: Yes
Non-Stick Surface: Yes
Lid Included: No
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Refrigerator Safe: Yes
The Square Springform Pan from Frieling is made from excellent quality carbon steel and it is varnished with a black finish. The cake pan can be stored in a freezer and it can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This cake pan is made from non-toxic materials, which make it eco friendly. It has an odor resistant quality along with a chip, tarnish, and warp resistant quality, which makes it perfect for baking
Size : 22 cm


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