Wall hanging plastic flower pot (Self Watering)




Material: PP resin
Color: Terracotta, White

Low maintenance self watering wall hanging flower pot.
Leave home for extended periods without worry.
No more over-watering or under-watering.
Helps to conserve water.
Attractive design, long services life span, high quality.

We offer a very wide and affordable variety of plastic flower pots which are perfect for all seasons and all sorts of plants. These plastic flower pots come in various sizes and shape to best suit your specific requirements. From wall hanging to various floor varieties. these plastic flower pots are designed to cover all sorts of potting needs with special self watering system.

Self-watering flower pots have a pot that holds the plant and soil, and an outer pot or bottom reservoir that holds extra water. A wick joins the two and pulls water up into the root ball as it’s needed. Most reservoirs are large enough to supply water for several days or more depending on the weather.

Size : 5.5″ Height x 9.5″ Length x7″ Depth